24 Strategies To Increase Instant Organic Traffic

24 Strategies To Increase Instant Organic Traffic

Will Google not get traffic?

So Sad,

Do you think you can no longer get traffic from Google?

No, you can get thousand of organic visitors just by reading this article and following it.

Hey future blogger, in this post, I will tell 24 ways to increase organic traffic from Google (24 way to increase organic traffic) and by reading this you will get lots of traffic on your blog.

I also use same methods/strategies for increased my traffic.

Many of you’re not getting traffic, but after reading, you’ll get instant website traffic on your blog.

In this post, the techniques I am going to share are both free and paid.

Can we get traffic from google without SEO?

Yes! You can get traffic from Google without running ads on a different platform and posting branding and guest posts on another website to increase rankings.

Many bloggers like Neil Patel do personal branding through advertisements on different platforms.

How Can We Get Traffic Organically?

Getting traffic organically is not a simple task,

You have to do many things to get more traffic from Google, Bing, and Search Engine systematically.

But, if you follow the techniques or methods that tell you in this article so that you can increase your organic traffic faster from Google.

How to get traffic from social media?

Getting traffic from social media is an easy way by which you can get millions of traffic using various social media platforms and also increase your followers on any social platform.

After reading this post, you came to know about several techniques on how you can promote your content on social media and increase website traffic.

How to get traffic from Google?

You can get traffic from Google by doing on-page SEO and 0ff-page SEO on your blog,

If you are a newbie, first of all, you have to build trust on Google, and by this, you can easily start ranking on Google.

Generating traffic to the website is not very difficult; You can increase the traffic of your website by following these secret techniques.

Website traffic is not increasing immediately because SEO takes time.

Improving dive right in,

1- Use Catchy Blog Post Title

Use Catchy Blog Post Title

With Catchy Headlines you can get more visitors,

Because they attract users to click on your blog and read your posts.

Attractive Title increases CTR and also helps your blog rank faster on Google, many Smart Blogger and Influencer individuals use this technique to get thousands of visitors in an hour.

Why We considered Make Simple Headlines,

Because, in today’s world, many visitors are not like dull and boring headlines,

They want something attractive, which really works for them.

Attractive Headlines are also important to achieve Social Share,

No one clicks on your link on social media if you have not grabbed attractive and impressive headlines that impress the reader.

Tips For Writing Catchy And Great Headlines –

Use Numbers – Using numbers to get visitors is the best technique because people who like posts get numbers like – “10 Best Games for Android Users”. This type of article is called list article and Visitors are eager to read it as they have gained a lot of knowledge.

SEO Optimized – The paragraph should include your focus keywords, so they help Google find out which keywords you are targeting, and this tip is a must for you.

Make Your Title Understandable – Make your title like people can understand what you are telling them if they don’t understand your title, so they don’t come to your blog and spend time on it.

Make It Awesome – Make Your Title Effective That means if a viewer first sees your title on the search engine, they are eager to see your post, and this helps you maintain your bounce rates.

Add Interesting Words – Add some keywords that attract users and help you get traffic.

These are the best tips that you should use for getting better Traffic & CTR from Google.

2- Do On-Page SEO

Do On-Page SEO

Looking at this image, you came to know something about On Page SEO,

But let’s discuss it briefly, so you’ve got some information about it.

On-Page SEO is a profitable method that helps you increase your website rank easily,

In On-Page SEO, there are many factors that you can use to easily rank your website on Google number 1 page.

According to BackLinks, we can rank our website simply by page optimize.

What Are The Main Factors Which Help Us To Rank Our Website?

There are many factors that help you to increase your rank.

I want to share some of the essential factors of On-Page SEO to give you some guidance on how you can optimize your post.

Let’s Start,

Optimize Your Title Tags – Optimizing the title helps you to improve your optimization. If you use your keywords in the h1, h2 tag, they help Google crawler find your main keywords.

Incredibly Amazing Meta Description – Add Meta Description, which helps users to understand your post.

High Quality Post – Create Quality Post and try to impart knowledge to your visitors and convert them into your audience.

Make Your Website Faster Than Rocket – Speed ​​On-Page is one of the most important factors of SEO because if the user comes to your site and your website speed is low, the user comes back to Google, And this increases your Bounce Rate and decreases your Google ranking.

How Can I Boost My Website Speed?

You can increase the speed of your website by using great hosting like Hostinger Hosting and SiteGround, but I recommend you to go with Hostinger Hosting as it has 99.9% Up-Time Guarantee, which helps you to increase website speed Does.

Optimize Your Rich Snippets –

This is an example of Rich Snippet that helps you understand Rich Snippet,

You can optimize your Snippet by adding valuable information to Snippets.

And, if you optimize your Snippet, Google Crawler gets your data easily and increases your ranking.

You Can Add Like This Types Of Data/Information Which Helps Google To Better Understand –

  1. Add rating on Snippet
  2. Add a review on Snippet
  3. Create an understandable and Catchy Meta Description so that users can openly click on your blog or website and buy or read anything.
  4. Add the Reviewer name to Snippet, so the user and Google understand that you review it.

3- Do Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO is the best way you can increase your ranking,

Off-Page is the same as like On-Page, which helps you more to increase your website ranking.

Discussing Start and Discuss The Factor of Off-Page SEO,

Off-page SEO has many factors but in this,

I will discuss some important SEO factors that help you to increase your ranking,

1- Link Building – Link Building is very important to rank on Google, but you only have to focus on building a high-quality link that helps you rank.

2- Video Submission – Video Submission helps you build your branding; If you upload a video to a website like – Youtube, Facebook, Instagram then for this, you have a chance to get a bulk/more of traffic from social media.

3- Blog Promotion – Blog Promotion is the way where you can promote and get traffic from various websites like Quora and Reddit.

4- Branding Yourself – In this you have to brand yourself and not the blog,

If your branding is your own, it helps you build trust in your people.

Tips To Branding Yourself,

  1. Understand Your Audience
  2. Help everyone to build trust
  3. Tell the truth to everyone

4- Focus Long Tail Keyword

Long Tail Keyword is always beneficial for ranking on Google,

Many Blogger and Pro Affiliate Marketers are advised to focus on the long-tail Long Tail Keyword as it helps newbie bloggers get traffic.

If you are a newbie, I have advised you to focus on Long Tail Keyword and if you are Affiliate Marketer, it helps you to increase your earnings.

5- Use Good Theme

Good topics always help you increase website traffic because if you site is not looking good then how people can trust you and buy products from you,

In The Past Few Weeks, I only focused on designing and beautifying my blog.

In Present, I am using NewsPaper X Theme, which is lightweight and fastest theme for creating good blog,

Use this theme as it helps you to make a money making blog.

6- Optimize Your Image

Image optimizing is important because it helps to get traffic from Google Image,

Many Amateur Bloggers make this mistake and do not optimize their image, causing them to lose traffic from Google Image.

So follow these steps to optimize your image –

  1. Use a plugin like Resmush.it
  2. Always compress your image before uploading the image to the blog.
  3. Use WP rocket to increase speed

7- Use Best Plugins

Using plugins does not help increase traffic, but it does help to increase traffic indirectly,

Did you know that?

Using Premium Plugins helps you increase website speed, and you have confirmed to Google that speed is an important ranking factor in SEO.

I recommend you to use such plugins like –

1- Elementor: Elementor is the best plugin for designing pages; This plugin is advance compared to other plugins. Currently, I am using Elementor to create this page.

2- WP Rocket: This plugin is the number 1 plugin to increase the speed of your website. This plugin provides a great feature that helps you to boot the speed of your blog, and after using this plugin, you can reduce the size of your blog, and it helps you a lot Does.

8- Write Long Article

Writing content is easy, but to solve the problem of users, your content is called quality content.

Many bloggers do not focus on writing content with quality content, but I have suggested you to make high quality and problem-solving content.

Make your content longer because, according to Experts, Long Content gets more shares than any other content.

You can see that Long Content gets more shares, but do not lose quality when writing a long article because the quality of the article is more important then the length,

But I have recommended you to focus on both to get better results.

Creating a detail article always helps you to get more shares and sales.

Google likes detail articles, so if you write more word articles, there is a chance that you can rank your post without any backlinks.

9- Paid Advertisement

A paid advertisement is a payment method where you can drive more sales, even traffic to your website or blog.

Many bloggers get traffic through these methods, and you can increase the traffic of your website by using these methods.

believe me!

If you properly optimize ads, you can generate beautiful income from your website.

10- Start Email Marketing

This is the way that has helped many bloggers increase their sales,

Bloggers like Kulwant Nagi earn $ 9000 + in just four days by doing email marketing on Black Friday Sale.

believe me,

If you do email marketing, you can earn millions of dollars through it, and at the same time you can send traffic to your website by email only.

Why Is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is very important because for these two important things,

  1. First of all, they help you in increasing your sales.
  2. Secondly, just by doing email marketing, you can bring a lot of traffic to your website.

How To Collect Email For Email Marketing?

We can convert our visitors into leads using these three steps:

  1. Use an email popup option in your blog.
  2. Impart knowledge to them.
  3. Do not force them to buy the product there.

11- Make Facebook Group

This is the way to help you do your branding and increase website traffic,

How can we drive traffic to our blog through Facebook Group?

Yes, we can drive a ton of traffic through the Facebook group,

Many bloggers have a Facebook group and their Facebook group that they share interesting facts, SEO news, and stay connected with their readers.

Even I started my Facebook and with the help of my group I share many new things and facts there.

You can also drive traffic through facebook group by following these steps: –

  1. Join other Facebook groups and share your article there.
  2. Create your own group and help people with your article.
  3. Promote blogs to stay connected with Facebook groups.
  4. Frequently asked questions in the group and make your group super active.

After implementing all these methods, you are able to drive traffic to your blog posts.

Is all method easy?

Yes, all the ways in this post are easy, and you can guarantee drive traffic.

12-Do Guest Post

Guest Post is the way to help you get backlink and some traffic,

Many bloggers post a guest to get traffic to their blog, and many times a guest post helps build the branding of your blog.

If you are posting a guest on the website, it helps you to get a lot of backlink and the link always helps you to improve the rank.

Guest Post = Backlinks + Traffic

13- Start Your YouTube Channel

We are in the golden era of the Internet,

And we can make money online and increase website traffic by starting a Youtube channel.

You all already know that how you can start a YouTube channel very well, but you know how to drive traffic?

Then, there is a lots of way you can increase your site traffic by uploading YouTube videos.

believe me,

YouTube is the best platform to share your videos, and you can take advantage of it by creating some informational videos,

do you know?

That Neil Patel is making videos for his branding, and you know that branding is the new SEO,

If you are popular, Google makes you a high competitor.

Let’s discuss, How We Can Drive Traffic Through YouTube Channel?

There are some ways to help you: –

  1. Make a video on any good blog topic and add a link to your youtube website in the description.
  2. Make a video that is relevant to your blog, which helps you in branding.
  3. Add affiliate link to make some money from there.

14- Choose The Best Social Share Plugin

Social Share Plugin is necessary to get traffic and share from social media. Using the best social plugin helps you achieve better results.

Many of you are using Social Warfare Plugin.

Did you know?

Social Warfare has become the worst Social Plugin after the bug, and many blogs are affected by this update.

So Which is the best Social Share Plugin?

Social Snap is the best WordPress plugin available that is Free and Paid,

This plugin is great, and I am using this plugin too, and I have become a fan of this plugin.

15-Do Podcast

Podcast is trending on the Internet; Many bloggers podcast and receive a ton of traffic from a single podcast.

Neil Patel got a lot of traffic only by podcasting in Marketing School.

How can we do a podcast?

You can do a podcast by using a plugin that helps you podcast.

How can we drive traffic through a podcast?

  1. Use social media.
  2. Use Story advantage.
  3. Share your podcast to all groups.

16-Use SSL

SSL does not help you get traffic, but it is an SEO ranking factor,

Google officially states that Trust No. 1 is Factor, and using SSL, we create a trustworthy website for Google.

Many bloggers do not use why they do not rank easily and do not get enough traffic.

17- Use Quora

Quora is a website where you can directly promote your website and get traffic by helping others.

Quora is the number 1 platform for sharing your knowledge and getting traffic or even sales.

believe me or not,

Many bloggers make money through Quora,


Bloggers are mainly answering on Quora and are making money from Quora by adding some links to their Affiliate.

Bloggers like Neil Patel are getting mass traffic from Quora,

Neil Patel shared his report where he says that he got high traffic through Quora.

You can also get traffic by helping other bloggers with your article.

Tips to increase traffic from Quora:

  1. Add Value to your answer.
  2. Do not add links to all answers.
  3. Make your answer easy to understand.
  4. You can add them to your funnel or email list by proving free value.

18- Use Pinterest

Did you know?

You can get a lot of traffic by just pinning the image,

Many bloggers do not use this platform seriously, but you can get a ton of traffic from here,

Bloggers like Ankit Singla say that if you want traffic from any platform, you have to spend time on that particular platform.

How to get traffic on Pinterest Profile?

Use these following tips to increase traffic on Pinterest profile –

  1. Pin Daily 10+ image
  2. Add your site link to get Referral Traffic.
  3. Use keywords like Blogger in your profile.

If you increase your Pinterest traffic, you can quickly increase your website traffic for free.

19- Share You Link On All Platform

First of all, Share is Caring [Share This Article Now]

To get traffic from social media, you have to share your article on every social media.

You can join many facebook group and share them, so you get great traffic from social media.

believe me,

If you do not share your article on social media, then you are losing your traffic from there.

So, share their traffic from social media and enjoy plenty of traffic.

20- Add Video In Post

You can add videos to posts to keep your website bounce rate and if you add videos to posts,

Users are more attracted and keep visiting your site more often.

Do not add too many videos because users may be confused.

21- Comment On Others Blog

Commenting on others helps in building a good relationship with other Pro Blogger, and you can get backlink by commenting.

If anyone clicks on your profile, it redirects to your website, which helps you to get Instant Website Traffic.

But do not try to insert a link in the comment box. If you can do this, they may consider Spam.

22- Using Click to Tweet Links

I know this is a very simple strategy,

But trust me,

This will give your traffic a Kick Start. I applied this strategy to my post and to my site “ConsultyRK“.

So, you must click on the Tweet button in your post to get some boost.

23- Use Infographics

In 2016 Brian shared that using Infographics, we can get a backlink, and that’s right, but you can get a lot of traffic using infographics.

You can also get a link bunch to increase traffic and create useful infographic.

Some tips you can use –

  1. Add a mention of the brand below the infographics.
  2. Create a graphic that looks professional.
  3. Ask them to give it to their Infographic Image.

24- Write Content Which Share

It takes a lot of effort to create good content,

We only focus on creating quality content, but I recommend you to create eye-catchy content that attracts users to share on social media.

believe me,

If you create such amazing content that attracts Shares, then your content should go viral on the Internet through social media.

Most Asked Questions

Q1. Why increase website traffic?

A1. Increasing website traffic helps you generate more sales and build authority.

Q2. How to increase website traffic free?

A2. Most methods in this post are free and you can use them to generate traffic.

Q3. Can we increase website traffic without social media?

A3. Yes, we can increase traffic without using social media using SEO.

Q4. How to increase website traffic fast?

A4. By using this proven method, you can easily increase your traffic faster

Q5. Can we increase traffic using Quora?

A5. Yes, you can easily increase your traffic using Quora

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