5 Scams AVOID When trying to Earn Money Online

 Online scams
If you’re serious about making money online, there are some belongings you should stand back from.
Unfortunately, the online is now crammed with work from home “opportunities” that are really just scams.
Always confirm you retain distance from the subsequent sorts of scams & time wasters:

Scam 1- Data Entry Jobs or Work From Home Jobs

If you’re reading ConsultyRK, I know you won’t be interested in things like data entry. You’re smart enough to avoid it.
But, if you actually have an interest , then please stop. No two words make me cringe quite ‘data entry.’ I’m saying this because there are LOTS & many scams which are labeled as data entry.
Legitimate data entry jobs mostly contains medical transcription, medical billing and clerical positions. Most of those jobs are extremely competitive and need training & experience before you’ll start working.

Scam 2- Paid Survey

If a site says they’re going to pay you for doing small things like clicking ads, stand back from it. The money you get paid are going to be very very LOW (typically you get but Rs.100 after working for 1 month).
Surveys aren’t recommended especially if you’re living in india. This is because only a few companies accept respondents from India. Which means your earnings will be very low.
Even though these sort of sites aren’t scams, I don’t recommend them anymore mainly because it’s really not worth some time , filling surveys or clicking ads for little amounts daily. There are far better opportunities if you would like to earn money online.
Finally, always remember this, any site which asks for registration fee to offer you’re employed may be a scam. Be careful with these kind of sites.

Scam 3- Download Applications

Very very low paying and not worth some time .

Scam 4- Get Paid to Read Emails

Again, very very low paying and not worth some time .

Scam 5- Get Rich in Quick Time

This is never happens in online form. so be aware these type of scams and always go for trustful way.
I hope you bought a thought of the items which you ought to stand back from.
If you recognize the other sorts of sites that are scams, please post them within the comments below.

For more details : you can see below given video

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