Google Digital Unlocked Certificate Final Exam Answers – 2021 – Part -8

Here you will get all the the Answers of Google Digital Unlocked Certificate Final Exam Questions.

In Google Digital Unlocked Certificate Final Exam having 40 questions, whenever you will give an exam they change questions, but don’t worry we have lots of questions answers in many parts. So this is Part – 8, where you will get 40 answers for Google Digital Unlocked Certificate Final Exam. If you didn’t get your answers in this Part -8, So look at other Blog Parts that are Part -1,Part-2Part -3, Part -4, Part -5, Part -6, Part -7 & Part -8.

Here is Part – 8 Google Digital Unlocked Question’s and Answer’s –

1- What’s the biggest challenge for most businesses when going online?

2-How can businesses benefit from using analytics on their website?

3-Imagine a customer has downloaded an app made by their local hardware store. How could that business connect with their audience through the app?

4-When designing content as part of your content marketing strategy, what does the “Think” stage represent in the “See, Think, Do, Care” framework?

5-When defining a strategy for your business, how can competitor analysis help you establish a USP (or Unique Selling Point)?

6-Google Search Console “Crawl” reports let you monitor…?

7-When using a search engine, what is the name of a word or phrase somebody types to find something online?

8-We use them every day, but what is the overall purpose of a search engine?

9-A lot of factors can affect how well a website will rank on search engines. What role does metadata have in this process?

10-When optimising a website for search, what impact do meta and title tags have on the search engine?

11-When advertising on search engines, if you bid the same as your competitor, having a higher quality score will mean you appear where in comparison?

12-When advertising using Search Engine Marketing (SEM), you only pay…

13-Which search query would trigger an ad based on this keyword: [London portrait photographer]?

14-When fine-tuning paid search ads, you change a broad-match keyword to a phrase-match keyword using which symbol?

15-Digital marketing isn’t just about selling your products internationally. It can be used to great effect for local businesses. What do we mean by ‘local businesses’?

16-What are the benefits of using social media when looking to advertise your business locally?

17-There are lots of social media platforms out there, but what is a benefit of using smaller, more niche social media platforms for your business?

18-What type of tool can be used to monitor and evaluate your social media audience’s actions on your website?

19-When it comes to mobile, how would you define usability?

20-When looking to advertise your business to mobile users, social media advertising can be really effective because…

21-Which of the following is a core benefit that content marketing can bring to a business’s online presence?

22-What is one of the benefits of using templates for your email marketing campaigns?

23-Which form of targeting would you use to display ads to people who have previously visited your website?

24-When advertisers run online ads that typically include an image for people to click on, it’s called…

25-Why is it important that you set goals when planning your display ad campaigns?

26-What can you do to help your videos appear in search results?

27-Which of the following is a key strategy for distributing your video content?

28-When using analytics on your website, what do we mean by the term ‘conversion’?

29-When using analytics programmes on your website, which of these do not fall under the category of a dimension?

30-Fill the blank: When you link Google Ads with Google Analytics you are able to understand which ________ are driving performance.

31-When using web-based analytics tools, by segmenting the data you will be able to achieve which of the following?

32-How is a spreadsheet defined?

33-Why should you avoid focusing on collecting as much data as possible?

34-Which of these is not a benefit for businesses using fully integrated e-commerce platforms?

35-When looking to introduce e-commerce functions to your website, which of the following would be the best first step?

36-Fill in the blank: When you are considering the layout of the product pages, it is important to put them in ________ order?

37-If a user abandons their shopping cart without making a purchase, one way to bring them back to complete the purchase is?

38-Fill in the blank: When considering expanding a business internationally, the best place to start is to__________?

39-When looking to expand your business internationally on social media, what should you do first?

40-Fill the blanks: When advertising internationally, you should make your business ______ to the new market, consider the ___________ and any possible ___________ implications.

Here is a Answer’s of all above Questions Given Below in this video –

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