How To Choose YouTube Channel Name 2020 – 5 Best Tips

YouTube usernames are often more about being punchy, unique, and easy to remember while being paired with content that has a distinct visual presentation in thumbnails. This means that you simply don’t necessarily got to worry about creating a username with several different aspects thereto .

Here is a 5 Best Tips

1- Content Related & Unique Name

For example, if you want to create a channel that focuses on children movie analysis with a funny twist, you might use a lighthearted synonym for “friendly for children” ( friendly, “”).

  • Likewise, if you’re planning on creating a serious, in-depth analysis channel, you might want to avoid synonyms altogether.

2- Use Wordplay in Your Name

If your name is snappy, your audience will be more likely to remember it. Try rhyming, using alliteration (repeating the same first letter, such as Binging with Babish), or synonyms. If all else fails, you can never go wrong with puns.

  • For example, if you were making a cooking channel, you could use “Ready Spaghetti” or “Baking Bread with Betty” as your channel name.
  • Examples of word-savvy YouTube usernames: Periodic Table of Voices, Crash Course, BoredShorts TV, and Sick Science.

3- Social Branding

Make sure before choosing name check once your social name are available or not because this is also a very important

4- Don’t Use More Than 3 Words & Don’t Use Number’s (Digit)

Don’t use big name for your YouTube Channel Name and also don’t use number because this is not easy to understand.

  • For example- Vlog with Rupesh Kumar or Vlog with Rupesh1254 its not easy to understand you should choose like. – “Consuslty RK or SidTalk”

5- Easy to Remember & Pronounce

Word-of-mouth is going to be crucial when expanding your platform, and a complicated name will be hard for your viewers to remember or recommend to others. Pick a name that is easy to spell and remember so people can start talking about it.

  • For example- “Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis” might seem like a great name for a medical YouTube channel, but “Daily Med Fix” might be a better use of space.

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