How to Edit Your YouTube Videos With The Use of Filmora Video Editing Software

Edit YouTube Videos with the use of Filmora9 Software

A few notes before you start editing
Preparation for the video editing process starts long before you launch the software, so here are a couple of tips which may assist you in making the post-production process more efficient.
  • Take several shots of an equivalent scene, while you’re on the set because you’ll have more options within the editing room.
  • Know every second of the footage you are working with, so you can easily pick the best shots.
  • Use visual effects in moderation and for a good reason.
  • Figure out how to step back and see the venture from the new viewpoint.
  • Keep your materials organized.

Step -1 : Launch Filmora9 and choose the ratio [Optional]

Double-click on Filmora9’s desktop icon, whenever you are ready to start working on a new video. The software’s welcome screen will appear on the screen asking you to create a new project or open project . Besides that, you can choose the aspect ratio here to save time in editing.

Step -2 : Create a new project and import the footage

Click New Project within the software’s welcome screen, and await the editor to load. Once you gain access to Filmora’s video editor, you ought to proceed to register the merchandise by clicking on the Register button.

Head over to the File menu and click on the Project Settings option, and select the aspect ratio the final cut your video will have. You will be able to choose between several different options, including the standard 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratios, but also less common 9:16 aspect ratio for vertically oriented videos as well because the 1:1 ratio for square-shaped videos. You can also custom the ratio per your need.

Now,After sitting of project, you need to import of your media files.
In the upper left corner of the video editor you will be ready to see the Import button, click thereon and choose the Import Media Files option then navigate to the location on your hard drive where the footage you want to edit is stored. Select the video, audio or photo files you would like to use in your project, and click on on the Import button.

Step -3 : Now, Add these files in your video editing sections

Do, some changes which you needs

Step -4 : Export Your Video

Go on Export Option, Create Video

After that choose your video format for which you want create your video, than given a name for your video file after that export.
all is done.

For more details : you can see below given video

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