How to Get Google Analytics Certification : A Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Create or Select Your Google Account
Start by determining the proper Google account to use for your certification.

If you work for an agency or a company, you’re likely to be required to use your work email address.

If you’re an individual and doing the certification on your own, you’ll want to pick a Google account that you want to have your certification tied to personally and publicly.

This can be a Gmail account or a Google account that you create tied to any personal email account.

You can easily create a new account at :-

Step 2: Join Academy for Ads

When you have your Google account squared away, confirm you’re signed out of the other Google accounts.

Like another Google products, there are often confusion or login challenges when you’re currently logged into multiple accounts.

When only logged into the account you want to use for certification, go to:-

Step 3: (Optional) Connect with Google Partners

If you want to connect your individual account with your company for credit toward Google Partners and other related benefits, you will need to update your profile.

Step 4: Prepare for Exams

Google provides both basic educational info and their more extensive academy content.

Step 5: Pass Fundamentals Exam + One Additional Exam

To become certified you are required to pass the Ads fundamentals exam plus one of the additional exams of your choice.

Your certification will then be awarded for that specific product focus area of the second exam you choose.

For Full Details: Watch below given Video 


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