How to Make YouTube Thumbnails – Create Free Custom Thumbnails

How to Make YouTube Thumbnails

Sometimes, your YouTube thumbnail just doesn’t cut it. You could’ve uploaded the most interesting video on YouTube, but it might not get the views it deserves if you’re relying on a simple freeze-frame to tell viewers what it’s about.

YouTube thumbnails are the essential thing your watchers see when they’re investigating your YouTube channel.

Thumbnails, the small, clickable snapshots that viewers see once they look for videos on YouTube, are often even as important as a video’s title. They see your video and allure watchers to click through.

Creating vibrant YouTube thumbnails can also instantly grab people’s attention — and this can help you to get best views for YouTube Video. 

Use these Steps to make Awesome YouTube Thumbnail

1. Select the Best Size & Shape for Thumbnail

Upgrade your YouTube thumbnails with these size: 1280 pixels wide by 720 pixels tall, with a base width of 640 pixels. A ratio of 16:9 is perfect as it’s utilized frequently in YouTube.

2. Include some character

Including a thick sticker like fringe makes the fundamental subject stick out.

3. Use Your Image

Choose an Image For a YouTube thumbnail background, you’ll choose your own images from your video that’s bright and clear, with a close-up subject.

4. Use Bold & Stylish Font

You can choose between dozens of designs and fonts for your video thumbnail.

OK, So These are 4 steps which you can use to create a best YouTube Thumbnail for yourself.

Here, 5 Best Online Options, you can use for creating YouTube Thumbnail

After using these option you will make a beautiful custom thumbnail for your YouTube videos.

For more details : you can see below given video

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