What is Corona Virus ..? What is COVID-19 ..??

The number of people infected with Corona virus (COVID-19) has been close to 59.24 lakhs. In the US, more than 103,330 people have died. There are 1.8 million people infected.
In India too, the number of corona infected people has crossed 1.5 lakh. Its medicine is not available yet. Therefore, avoidance is the only way. To prevent the spread of corona viral infection , it’s vital to acknowledge its symptoms. The corona virus can be controlled only by identifying the symptoms.

What is Corona Virus ??

Corona virus belongs to such a family of viruses whose infection can cause problems starting from a chilly to breathing problems. This virus has never been seen before. The virus infection began in December in Wuhan, China.
As indicated by WHO, fever, hack, brevity of breath are its side effects. So far no vaccine has been made to stop the virus from spreading.

What is Covid -19 ?

Corona virus ie Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is a very subtle but effective virus. The corona virus is 900 times smaller than human hair. In size, this small virus has scared the entire world. In December 2019, the first case of Novel Corona Virus (Kovid-19) came to information in Wuhan city of China.
Fever, cold, cold, cough and breathing problems were found among the people affected by this infection. Doctors found that these symptoms are very similar to SARS. Novel corona virus (NCOV / COVID-19) is the seventh virus in the corona virus family. Six types of corona viruses have been reported so far. Its genetic structure was found to be up to 80 percent almost like the SARS virus found in bats.

What are the symptoms of Corona virus?

The main symptom of corona virus is high fever. It involves concern if youngsters and grown-ups arrive at 100 ° F (37.7 ° C) or above.
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 88 percent have fever, 68 percent cough and cough, 38 percent fatigue, 18 percent breathlessness, 14 percent body and head pain, 11 percent if infected with the corona virus. Has symptoms of chills and diarrhea in 4 percent.
Its symptoms are similar to the flu. As a result of infection, problems like fever, cold, shortness of breath, runny nose and sore throat arise. This virus spreads from person to person. Therefore, great care is being taken about this. In some cases, the corona virus can also be fatal. Especially older people and who already have asthma, diabetes and heart disease.

Corona virus death rate

  • Among children up to 9 years – 0 percent
  • 0.2 percent among people aged 10–39 years
  • 0.4 percent among people aged 40-49
  • 1.3 percent among people aged 50-59
  • 3.6 percent among people aged 60-69
  • 3.6 percent among people aged 60-69
  • 8 percent among people aged 70-79
  • 14.8 percent of people over 80 years old

What are the preventive measures?

The Ministry of Health has issued guidelines to stop corona virus. As per them, hands ought to be washed with cleanser.
Alcohol based hand rub can also be used. Keep your nose and mouth covered with handkerchief or tissue while coughing and peeling. Keep distance from people who have cold and flu symptoms. Avoid intake of eggs and meat. Avoid contact with wild animals.

7 steps of WHO for prevention of corona virus

The World Health Organization (WHO) has given seven easy steps, which can help prevent the spread of corona virus and also prevent its infection.

Government of India also issued advisory

The Government of India has also asked to inform the health center immediately on getting symptoms of corona virus.
A 24-hour control room has been set up by the Health Ministry.

Contact can be made in the control room through the phone number 011-23978046. Apart from this, information can be obtained by mailing at [email protected], about the symptoms of Corona virus or any kind of apprehensions.

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